Slowly under Re- Construction, just not a priority as I've sold
everything and can not locate any photos after all these years?
Ok, so you might not know what a slot car is, maybe you're just too young. But prior to RC cars and
planes, todays drones and computers, this was the hottest thing in the 60's for a young me, the timing
was perfect.  As a result, this is where a lot of my paper route money went at the time.  In my home town
(Milford, MA) and accessible by walking or bike, Cramer's Hobby Shop on Central Street was my
hangout at 12 or 14 years old.

But brands like BZ, Cox, Classic, Dynamics and Monogram were popular and I can still smell the tire lube
in my mind to day.

Photo 1 - This was my last track. It's a 4-lane 1/32 scale Scalextric track set up in the basement. Lap
length is approx. 35 ft. with a X-over that keeps all 4 lanes pretty equal in length.  Below you can find a
layout and photos of the track. When my son's friends come over they have a great time trying to wreck
the NASCAR's and they seem to hold up real well. But, hide the open wheel F-1 stuff, it's a little too
fragile for these guys. Most have never seen this before, and they think it's pretty cool for a while

I wanted to beef up the power supply and controllers to run a parade lap or two of my older 60's
commercial stuff. The old 1/24 cars are a little large but do fit good enough to make some use of them
with cut-down guides..

Photo 2 - This is a look at the layout. It fit's in a 4 foot by 16ft. table that I built. It almost reminds me of
an old commercial layout, but it's not really a copy of anything special.

Photo 3 - Here's a view of the cross-over section. This is a must have item for any layout of mine. With
a little bit of support from some 1/4 in. ply, this was a snap to set up. Slip the ply under the track, trace
the layout and cut it out with a jig saw. With a little more work, this can be made to look as fancy as you
like. For now, I think we'll just use it as is.

Photo 4 - This is a view from the other end. OK, it's flat with no banks, but the magna traction sort of
compensates a bit.
You might be able to make out the lids or top that can cover the track when not in use. Each is a 4 by 8
sheet of 1/2 inch plywood, a little heavy, but strong enough when closed to use as a bench.

The longest straight is just over 8ft. in length and overall it's a pretty smooth drive.

Also, no longer in my hands, sold off some time ago.

Photo 5 - This is an older routed track I found, improved it some and used for quite a few years before I
passed it on to someone else.  Constructed from particleboard and almost a tri-oval, it occupied a space
16ft. by 8ft. and used real braid stuck on the surface, not routed in.  It chewed up tires pretty bad.

Not very visible in the far end were 4 track timers and direction reversal switches.

No longer in my hands, I replaced it with the 16ft by 4 ft Scalextric set above.
                   Photo 1
                   Photo 2
                  Photo 3
                  Photo 4
                  Photo 5