My Buggy (and Other VW's) Page,
This page contains photos of past, present and possibly future projects.
1 - Deserter GT.  (1973-1985) ) Heres a photo of my original VW car.  Bought it as a broken or incomplete
project and finished it.  Kept it in the family for about a dozen years. Took it to the beach, used it in autocross
events and drove it just about everywhere. Hurt it a lot driving on local trails and smashed it once. Rebuilt it
combining a couple of bodies and modified it to eliminate the hood and side pod seams. Painted it a light Blue
Corvette color that got rid of the Sub Lime Green forever.  

More photos of this car can be found at -
My Original Deserter GT

Sold it feeling broke building a house.  Have not laid eyes on this car since it left my garage, I believe it's sitting
in a garage in Bellingham MA
3 - 1979 Scirroco.  (1981-1985) Not a dune buggy, but what a blast at the time. Wide ratio 5 speed, injected 1.8L engine and
Reccarro's.  This car loved to cruise at 80+ mph and still get great mileage.  Good all around car, fairly dependable, but the
absolute worst car I've ever owned in the snow!  We tried mounting snows but still really awful, especially for a front driver.  
Great summer car though.  Drove it four years, 80-84 and gave it away after the wife spun out with it twice in one winter day!
4 - 1970 Porsche 914, (1988-1992) again it's not a dune buggy, but related or a VW anyway .  Here's a picture of a 1970
Porsche 914 I owned at one time.   I matured and was too old for buggies, or so I thought, 89-92.  Good little car, ran strong with
the injected 1.7  (upped to 1.9 with big barrels) but, could not enjoy the car for long.  It had this uncanny ability to rust faster
than I could keep up with.  If your interested in this type car, spend your money on the best rust free example you can find and
afford.  Walk, no run away from a fixer-upper.   Loved the top, the five speed and the type IV engine!

More photos of this car can be found at -
My Porcshe 914 - .
5 - Ranger.  (1992-1994) Here's a couple of shots of a dune buggy I did back in 92.  I found
another incomplete project (coincidentally the same guy as #1) this time a NOS "Ranger"
body, a local (Lancaster, later Hudson, MA) Manx clone and just had to build it.  (
Click here
see an old RANGER Buggy add)

It had a real nice hand laid fiberglass body with big gelcoat blue metalflake, and a nice
color.  Speedo is from a superbug with integral fuel gauge, seats from a 80's Honda Civic
and they fit pretty nice.

The idea at the time was to keep it plain and simple.  Used a swing axle to IRS conversion on
the pan and front-end adjusters.  Gave a pretty nice ride at the time.  

Sold it to finance the Speedster build.  The car is now in the hands of a good friend (Howsie)
and needs some TLC last time I saw it.
7 - CMC Speedster. (1994-2011) This is another VW based fiberglass car I really liked.  Built it in 94  from the now
defunct Classic Motor Carriages (CMC) outfit in Florida.  It's a 57 Porsche Speedster replicar.  I drove it pretty regularly
spring to fall and add +/-5k miles each year and sold it in 2011 with more than 70k miles showing on the odometer.  A
Speedster replica is just a fun car with a timeless design and comfortable topless driver. Door's and roof made it possible to
use it much like a normal car.

As a kit car or replicar, this car is true to the original Porsche design with an air-cooled rear engine.  I ran a CB
Performance 2180cc engine with dual 44 Weber's driving through a 3:44 IRS transaxle.  For me, a real good combination
for this car with better reliability than an original car, and more power!!.

More photos of this car can be found at -
My Porsche Speedster Replicar.
14 - Deserter GS-1. (2004-2011) This project was a total reconstruction of an early Autodynamic's Series 1 Deserter GS.  It
was conceived back in 1969 as a street version of the popular Autodynamic's Formula Vee, mid-engined track cars and
allowed 2 person seating and larger engines to be used.  It was wildly popular in SCCA Autocross events at the time.

Found and used a tagged Deserter Seriers 1 body and replicate and build from scratch the entire frame and restore all of the
fiberglass parts in addition to fresh mechanicals.  Ended up making a mold of the engine cover to complete the fiberglass

Way lot of work and more time consuming than originally anticipated, big surprise there..

Once again, the idea is to keep is simple and not to stray to far from the original design with a Corviar engine and VW
suspension components.  Started fall of 03, finished, summer 08, sold it in 2011. It now resides in Perth, Australia!!

More photos of this car can be found at -  
My Autodynamics Deserter GS - Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.  
16 - Deserter GT, (2010--20??) This is the current car and possibly my last?  This time, I
found another Deserter GT looking for another chance at life wirh Steve M.  See the before
and after.. I restored the GW top for Steve and returned that to him and I kept the purple
body.  OK, I have admit a soft spot for these cars.  I started the re-construction started in
2012 and first registered in 2016.  I plan to keep it pretty simple and hopefully end up with a
solid VW based rear engine buggy.  Just as it was when it all started..

As alway,s I'll document the build and more photos of this car can be found at
-My Purple
Deserter GT
2 - Deserter GT, (1975) wrecked.  I found another Sub-Lime Deserter GT that a local friend Steve G had crashed and used in
the reconstruction of the car above.  It was hit in the rear but had a good front fender and hood that I used before cutting it up
and dropping it off at the local dump. Also bought the soft top, roll bar and side tanks from Steve.
6 - Vokaro, a 2-seat, white NOS body.  Still looking for a photo of this one.  Found it in the local WantAdd publication with
a ton of other VW parts.  Found it to be a pretty light body that would require quite a bit to make it work so I moved on,
packaged it and sold with the very last Don Howes Sr. chassis (i'm still sorry about that). Never to be seen again by me
last went to Webster, MA?
8 - Dunbars Hawk 1 Body only, Orange. No hood and hit in front with massive engine cut out.  
Trimmed off the bad stuff and used it to make the Dune Buggy Couch.  I sold the couch to Rich R
2016. More photos of this build can be found by
clicking  here,
9 - Dunbars Hawk II, Blue body only, the one with wider fenders and hood louvers. Dunbars was located in the same
town I grew up in and this is the "dune buggy" i knew at the time.  Rough and sold it as is to J Wolcott and no idea
after that?
10 - Deserter GT, Metalic Blue.  Solid and good looking body with a good sunburn that
exposed the metal flake probably requiring a paint job.  I doubt that it could be buffed back,
but who knows?  Bundled it or packaged it with a chassis, windshield and post and sold it
also to Corbit.  No AD tag.
11 - Sand Tiger Buggy, Gold with a White Hard Top.  Manufactured by Vaughn Fabrications out of Miami, FL.  Still looking for a
photo of this one also  Nice body, unique with two hood ridges and a flat rear seat area. Sold this
to Jim Wolcott, not sure what
happened after that?
12 - Swamp Fox. NOS Orange flake,  Made by Fabrication Enterprises of Mahwah, NJ.  To my eye a real Manx Clone with
only changes to the hood area.  All honesty, the fiberglass was not that great even though it was never mounted with
original heaqdlights and windshield.  lots of sunburn on the tub gel coat but otherwise solid.  Had some sagging issues in
the rear seat area?  Sold it off as is to Vinc
13 - Deserter GS-GT, blue, or mostly blue.  Body, floorpan and chassis came from Guffy. Body went to Mike Rags for his GS
build with the body ID tag.  We both used the chassis as a template only for my GS and his.  Although straight, it was way too
crusty to be used as anyhting more than wall art at this point.  

More on Rag's GS car can be found at  .
17 - Meyers Manx Classic, (2018) Western Metalic Blue #66P.  NOS.  Found on Craigslist listed simply as a "dune buggy".  
Imediately recognized it and had to follow up on it.  It turned out to be a beautiful deep blue color.  Damaged in shipment it had some
minor hairline cracks almost undetectable so that it was re-tagged a Blem by Meyers and and marked CM-01BL-17.  Found in
Lawrence, MA from a Dave R.  I ended up selling it a year later Louis who really needed it. 6/18.
18 - Deserter S1, (2019) Debit Red  NOS, a real impressive and lucky find.  I mean, show me another one like this.  Again,
simply listed as a "dune buggy" that was obviously a Deserter and had to have a look at it.  It was in amazing condition for 50+
years old with a few gel coat chips but otherwise this solid color was not sun-burned and would buff out excellent IMO.  I was
talked out of this one also and moved it to Shaun M and his dad Bruce M. 11/19 looking to re-create a buggy just like done by
Bruce when back at AD.  Both from Autodynamics original days.
15 - Empi Imp  (2011-2012) OK, so I thought that I'd matured once again and sold the both my Porsche Speedster (to A Merkin) after 18
years and the Deserter GS-1 (to Darryl) after a long build, and I bought a 95 Corvette LT1, 6-speed.  A really nice 50k mile car and I was
able to pay for it with the proceeds of just one of my buggy's!  It came with AC, 6-way power leather seats, PW, PS, PB, Bose stereo,
300hp, 3:55 posi and great heat.  Kept it for five years and well the bug bit me again.  

This time I found another unfinished project. a 2nd edition EMPI Imp from Steve B with a Jim Wolcott pan.  The one with the hood tach and
molded in rear seats with a brand new pan restoration and box's of VW stuff.  After looking at it for a while, I stuck a Deserter GT body
that I had lying around for restoring a few of the Gull WIng Tops and it fit the Empi chassis pretty good, or within an inch and a half
anyway.  So, time to sell the Imp and other misc parts and start my next project..