The Gull Wing Top has always been the holy grail of Deserter GT options
and one of the most recognizable pieces that transforms any open top
Deserter GT into a car that is better suited for colder or rainy weather

Once installed the hard top probably becomes a semi-permanent part of
the GT, while it can be removed, it's secured by bolting it to the GT
body front and rear.  The Gull Wing Doors are easily removable, and can
be stored in the back seat area of the GT for nice weather driving.

Sadly, many times the Gull Wing Doors were either lost or broken over
the years.  The good news is that after 40 years, you can have brand
new doors on your GT!

Once again, I've splashed some molds and I can provide replacement
doors for you GT. The doors are available in either just the raw
fiberglass or complete with window frames and sliding plexi windows just
as the originals.

My new doors are stronger than the originals with reinforced bi-axial
glass and are more forgiving or flexible and made with duraglass resins.
The doors are hand laid fiber glass cloth and have the same textured
exterior to match your top perfectly!

Have a look at the photos and contact me for more information.  If you
have a Hard Top and don't want it or need it anymore, let me know.  I
might be able t help you move it to someone that can use it.
GT Gull Wing Doors Page
Available in a textured Black Gel-Coat finish, these are
ready to use.

Raw Fiberglass Doors are $400/pair
Complete Doors with Window Hardware are $600/pair

(plus shipping if required - pick-up preferred)

I accept personal checks, money orders or paypal;  

Approx 4 weeks required from receipt of 50% deposit and
remainder due prior to pick-up or delivery.

If you have any questions at all, e-mail me!
bimelliott(email at)
Above, here's a picture of the original GT Hard Top car, with the
great Gull Wing Doors.
Above - Here's a pretty informative group photo of the Gull Wing
Top from original documentation.
Above - Another original photo, this time side view showing the
sliding window.