Any Deserter GT/GS part is tough or impossible to locate including the side
tanks.  With zero spare parts available I was forced to make molds for the side
tanks myself from a mint original set.  

Hand laid fiberglass with the same overall fit, weight and great looks of the
original options for the GT.  Side tanks are just one of the great options that set
the Deserter GT apart in looks from the run-of-the-mill dune buggies of that day
and to me the car is just not complete without them.

Each is molded with a sandable gel-coat finish that will require some minor prep
and sanding prior to painting to suit your particular buggy.  You can choose the gel
coat color, I just can't guarantee a color match to a 30 year old car, but it might
be close?

Normally mounted by bolting, pop riveting or even fiberglassing to the body.  
Adding side tanks can provide concealed locations for speakers or storage by
simply cutting an access on the inside of the body.

As a bonus, by securely mounting the tanks to the body it can actually improve
your cars ride with less squeaks, rattles and less chassis flex.
GT Side Tanks Page
Delivered in a Sand-able Gel-Coat finish, ready for your paint -  $450.00/pair
(plus shipping if required - pick-up preferred)

I accept personal checks, money orders or paypal;  

Approx 4 weeks required from receipt of 50% deposit and remainder due at delivery.

If you have any questions at all, e-mail me!
bimelliott(email at)
Here's a couple of photos of a brand new
set of side tanks
Above, this is one smooth looking GT body with side tanks.