Good, usable fiberglass is tough to locate for any Deserter part.  The Engine
Cover is impossible to find, so again I was forced to make a mold for my project.  
A very agreeable owner of an original, unmolested and very nice S-1 GS car let me
borrow his cover so I could reproduce a mold from his almost pristine part.  Many
thanks to Lou Mash ( for this help!!  

This replacement engine cover is now available for the 1st time in 30+ years.  The
part is hand laid fiber glass cloth with the same overall fit and strength but
slightly less weight than the resin rich chopper gun originals that Autodynamic's
put out in the 60's and 70's.  A nice improvement.

Each is molded with a sand-able gel-coat finish that will require some minor prep
and sanding prior to painting to suit your particular buggy.  You can choose the gel
coat color if you like, I just can't guarantee a color match to a 30 year old car,
but it might be close?

Please Note: I'm sorry to say that this cover DOES NOT fit the GS cars
with the GT bodies, they are similar, but not the same!
GS-S1 Engine Cover Page
Delivered in a Sand-able Gel-Coat finish, ready for your paint -  
(plus shipping if required - pick-up preferred)

I accept personal checks, money orders or paypal;  

Approx 4 weeks required from receipt of 50% deposit and
remainder due at delivery.

If you have any questions at all, e-mail me!
bimelliott(email at)
Above and below you will find a couple of pictures of
a brand new engine covers that I've made for others.
Above, here's a picture of the original Series 1-GS Demonstrator car, with
the Engine Cover installed.