Is your Deserter missing that front emblem?  This part will help.  It's a visually identical copy of an original Deserter by
Autodynamics Front Emblem, the most popular used on this car.  While very similar to the original part, this is a soft domed
plastic intended to mount in the recess of the front hood of all Deserters.  Apply a good adhesive like an RTV or other silicone
based product and press into place.

It measures 2.5 inch diameter, approx. .125 inch thick and has the famous Autodynamics logo in red with the word "DESERTER"
and "by Autodynamics"  in black text.

This part fits and is correct on all Deserter buggies, Series 1 and GT bodies as well as the GS cars.  It also makes a great horn
button addition, or even center caps on your wheels
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$15.00 each, includes shipping to US states

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